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Have you got a broken or damaged antique clock? Maybe you’ve recently inherited a family heirloom. Here at Tic Toc Clock Repairs we know that clocks can be extremely valuable, not just financially but emotionally. That is why we guarantee a completely professional clock repairing and maintenance service, so you can rest assured that your antique will be looked after and dealt with carefully.

We at Tic Toc Clock Repairs have over 20 years of experience in the trade, all of our magnificent repairs are conducted in our Aberdare workshop, but not to worry! If you can’t get to us, we can get to you. 

We offer a wide variety of deliver or collection services, depending on your distance and you clock, so whether you’re down the road in Merthyr Tydfil, Cardiff or Swansea or the rest of the UK, we can be sure to get to you no matter your schedule or busy lifestyle. 

Just simply call to arrange an appointment or if you’re local and fancy a chat drop by to our workshop!

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Door To Door Restoration Near You​

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This couldn’t be more easier for you the customer, Got a busy schedule, just make an appointment to suit your day. Prices are very competitive and all work is of a high standard with over 20 years experience and all serviced clocks guaranteed for 12 months.

All repairs are done on site in my repair workshop in Aberdare by myself. Also a vast amount of spare parts are stocked .

Free delivery and set up of your clock, So you don’t have to transport the clock at all. Fast turnaround repair service.

For a free estimate and arrange a home visit please call

From old grandfather clocks to family cuckoo clocks

Antique Clock Restoration & Servicing

Established in 1998 we have a lot of experience working with a range of clocks and clock makers. This is enables us to provide the very best quality of repair and also makes sure we have the right tools and parts for the vast majority of UK timepieces.

Find us on social media to keep up to date with our latest projects & masterpieces. 


Booking Appointments

We’d love to be able to help you restore your old time piece. 

If you’d like to guarantee a place for your clock to be evaluated for repairs please book an appointment below by selecting a time and a day that suits you, leave your email with us and we will contact you if there are any change of plans! 

Important notice: Our bookings are only for those booking an appointment at our Aberdare workshop. If you require collection of your antique clock please call us to arrange this. 

We are also happy to announce we now accept card payments including contactless, apple pay and google pay. 

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Some Of Our Repairs & Restorations

vintage fussee clock

Fusee Clocks

A Fusee clock is designed to be a cone-shaped pulley with a screw-like helical groove, wound with a cord or chain which is attached to the mainspring barrel. These elegant designs are intricate and perfect in mechanism, is your Fusee clock not winding? Is it in need of a deep clean? Book an appointment today to discuss any issues

grandfather antique clock 2

Longcase/ Grandfather Clocks

Longcase Clock or more commonly known as Grandfather clocks are perhaps the most sought after clocks, if you are lucky enough to own such a magnificent design, do not let it go to waste. Whether it requires a service to hear that chyme again, or possibly an overhaul to re-silver dials and reform it back to its original state, get in touch with us to discuss options.

carriage clock golden

Carriage Clocks

Carriage Clocks are more than likely to need a service, at least once in their lives. Perhaps their parts have become worn or their colour is fading, we can remove the old original platforms for a detailed cleaning service followed by a re-oiling procedure if necessary. If you require replacement mainsprings we would be happy to source them for you.

wall hanging clock with long golden pendulum

Vienna Weight Driven Wall Clocks

Vienna Wall Clocks can make beautiful additions to your home,with the weight providing a consistent power source for the time piece. We understand that many wall clocks are precious family heirloom pieces and we pride ourselves on the ability to repair and restore all wall clocks to pristine quality, whether it be fitting new glass or replacing broken gut lines.

french mantel clock with woman reading book and gold design

French Clocks

French Mantel Clocks are perhaps the most elegant of time pieces, we will provide a quality cleaning service for your french piece to be restored to its original state, repairing a french mantel can often take longer due to the need for a heavier clean, we advise that french mantels are serviced regularly to help maintain a long life, the most common issues with these pieces tend to be caused by friction due to worn bearing,rough pivots and even dirt built up.

small quartz metallic clock

Quartz Modern Clocks

We can help repair any movement replacements in your Quartz Clock. Generally Quartz clocks may not last as long as others, therefore it’s important to try service regularly to avoid any damages,we can also provide battery change and overhaul of aesthetic through deep clean and further glass repairs. Call us today to book an appointment, or discuss any spare parts required.

Have a question?

If you’re unsure whether we can help you with an old timepiece, fill out the form with your name, contact information and query and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 48 hours.

Our services are not limited and we will be more than happy to examine your clock and prepare restoration, no matter how small or how big the job. We can help.

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Restoration services for your mechanical timepieces

Clock Repair & Restoration Service

Specialising in the restoration of grandfather, bracket and other large and often old time keeping devices. We not only repair your precious and often priceless devices but strip them down and make sure every element and mechanism is completely restored to it’s former glory.

We then lovingly rebuild and test that you clock no longer misses a beat, before returning you timepiece to you.

Sometimes only minor repairs are needed and can be carried out as part of a service.

Clock Servicing & Cleaning Service

Specialising in the restoration of grandfather, bracket and other large and often old time keeping devices. We not only repair your precious and often priceless devices but strip them down and make sure every element and mechanism is completely restored to it’s former glory.

We then lovingly rebuild and test that you clock no longer misses a beat, before returning you timepiece to you.

Sometimes only minor repairs are needed and can be carried out as part of a service.

Below is my step by step service guide.

1. The clock is collected free of charge from the customer.

2. Inspect the movement for signs of wear.

3. Make detailed account of any noticeable wear to the movement.

4. Take the movement apart and clean all gears, parts, and plates.

5. Polish all pivots to glass finish and bush plates where

6. Test all gears for any signs of meshing.

7. Hand polish all gears, parts and plates.

8. Reassemble movement and oil.

9. Test over a 7 day period and correct any faults that occur.

10. All clocks are computer timed for accuracy.

11. Deliver and set up clock in customers home .
(free of charge)

If your clock is in need of a professional repair/ service then call us for a no obligation estimate.

A list below of some of the clocks I service / clean or repair on a daily basis:


How much does it cost to fix a clock?

There’s no set price on fixing a clock. Our process includes evaluating the damage, sourcing the new parts (if required) and conducting the repair. You will only be charged for the repair and cost of replacement parts, this can vary on what is damaged or faulty. 

Call our workshop for a free no-obligation quote today.

Can an over wound clock be fixed?

Yes.  The truth is, it is almost impossible to overwind a clock. The only way to truly overwind a clock is to turn it so tightly that the inner springs break. If the springs are broken they can be replaced, but is advised that this clock repair should only be conducted by professionals as it is intricate work that if done incorrectly may damage the clock further. 



How often should a clock be serviced?

On average we suggest every 2-3 years for a service, to ensure that all oiling is up to date and inner mechanisms are working without causing friction. 

How often should a clock be oiled?

Every 3-5 years depending on the clock type. 

Why has my pendulum clock stopped working?

Often causes of a “broken” pendulum clock could be down to a simple movement, an accidental bump or knock could cause the clock to jump out of sync, meaning its not broken at all. Having an expert evaluate this for you will take less than 10 minutes. 


Come Visit the Workshop!

If you’d like to have your precious antique timepieces restored and properly serviced, feel free to visit our workshop.

If you’re visiting us from the Cardiff area you’ll be able to take the A470 through the Valleys, your journey won’t take longer than 45 minutes (traffic depending!) and you’ll be with us in our Aberdare workshop where all our bespoke repairs and restorations are conducted. 

You’ll guarantee to receive the best service at Tic Toc Clock Repairs, therefore if you’re travelling from the busy City Centre of Cardiff, the Bay or the outskirts of whitchurch and more, feel free to come visit at your earlier convenience!

We also offer a delivery service on larger clocks that you are unable to transport yourself, so nothing can stop you restoring your magnificent pieces!