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Servicing Cardiff, Lisvane, Llandaff, Pentyrch, Trowbridge & Whitchurch.

We offer our services throughout surrounding areas of Cardiff & the inner City Centre.

If you have an old –time piece that requires a cleaning, servicing or simply doesn’t seem to work anymore, get in touch with our local specialists today.

We may be able to provide help with deliveries at an arranged upon time and date should your antique clock (such as grandfather clock or larger mechanical clocks) be too large to be transported by car.

We are one of the highest experienced antique clock repairs & restoration UK providers – we will be able to solve all of your clock repair services, restoration services and clock cleaning needs.

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Our Cardiff Services

If you’re unsure what your beloved clock might need to get in back into mint and working condition, here’s a list of some of our available services which we are professional skilled to conduct on all types of clocks with the utmost care and precision.

Clock Servicing

This is a routine check-up of our time piece, we advise our customers to get their antique clock serviced once a year to maintain mint condition and ensure no internal damages occur. Servicing involved analysing the clock movements and conducing any minor adjustments or minor repair to get your clock back to working standard. Clock servicing is recommended on every type of clock and is highly suggested for the vintage clock antique clock restorations. 

westminster chime mantle clock serviced
Cleaning & Oiling

Using our professional tools and quality specialist oils to clean a wide range of your antique and restore it to it’s original condition and also providing oiling for the clock to ensure its internal mechanisms are working properly. We recommend a thorough clock cleaning in all types of clocks, and can often be done hand-in-hand with a clock restoration or a full-service clock repair. The cleaning process will usually including an in-depth clean of the brass dials, the face of the antique piece and a thorough clean and oiling of the mechanical movements

Repair & Replace

Arguably one of our most popular services, repairing any internal or external damages to your broken antique clock and sourcing any relevant required replacement parts to ensure it works again. We specialise in repairs and restorations on all your favourite clock types, such as cuckoo clocks, carriage clocks, bracket clocks, quartz clocks, French mantle clock and French clocks, ridgeway clocks and even modern clocks.

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If you live within the local area and would like to discuss booking an appointment for your clock repair.

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