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We have over 20 years experience in repairing antique clocks and We pride ourselves on repairing to a high standard.

If you are unable to visit our workshop in Aberdare then please call to discuss our collection/delivery and set-up service.

Grandfather clocks can by arrangement, be collected, delivered and set up.

We now also accept all card payments in our Aberdare workshop. 

Why buy an Antique Clock?

Ok! So you’ve got this far, so why buy an Antique Clock? Well, there are a few reasons we would like to share with you . First of all, an Antique Clock is a practical item that does a job and that is, it tells us the time of day.

The second reason is in todays economical climate, conventional stocks & shares and other quick investment schemes seem to be very unreliable and poor and certainly insecure. Real commodities like, Gold, Antiques and other precious sought after things are more reliable and secure in an uncertain economic climate like today. Antique clocks are no exception. They often go up in value just like antiques as their rarity increases and they have been excellent heir looms for many families.

The third reason is the quality of the item. I’m sure you are aware that todays quick paced production and quick profit production replaces good workmanship and quality. Although there are modern good quality clocks for sale today, they are often expensive and rarely have complete handmade artistic designs and time consuming details. There are many cheap modern clocks also for sale which never seem to last. The Antique Clock is a work of art, often done by fully competent hard working clockmakers of the day who spared no expense or time or artistic skills in making a wonderful clock that does the job well. These clocks have past the test of time with flying colours and many are displayed today on peoples mantle places or shelves or walls

The great thing about them also is the variety of designs and materials, there is always an antique clock available that will tie in well with your deco and home furnishings. Many have complex movements like striking, moonphase, musical, weight driven, fusee driven, calandars to name but a few.

So go ahead and buy that lovely Antique Clock you have had your eye on, you will not regret it!

Watch Repair

If your clock is in need of a professional repair/ service then call us for a no obligation estimate.

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