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If you’re interested in the work we do at Tic Toc Clock Repairs, our amazing team are continuously putting together some high quality blog posts to help you clean, maintain and even repair your favourite clocks at home!

We’ll offer advice on what best to do with which clocks, which clocks require certain oils & how to maintain the lifespan of your clocks. 

Keep checking back for more information, and if you have any other questions regarding repairs/servicing or cleaning please feel free to get in touch. 

We also offer delivery services throughout the South Wales/ Wales area. This includes:

Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil and more…

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horse ornaments and wall hanging clock with swinging pendulum
Clock Repairs
Jess Bosward

How To Adjust a Pendulum Clock

Is your pendulum clock broken? has the pendulum stopped swinging? maybe the clocks hands have stopped moving. We at Tic Toc understanding that having an

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