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Damaged or broken clocks? – Our Cardiff antique clock repairs services will make it much easier for you to have your antique clock, cuckoo clock, vintage clock or all other types of clocks repaired. We offer our incredibly popular services such as  repair service across the Whole of South Wales for our clock repair services including Newport, Swansea, Bridgend , RCT & more.

With over 15 years of experience repairing antique clocks to a high standard. We offer a complete no hassle process, whether you have a longcase clock restoration needed, a carriage clock with a faulty hand or a pendulum clock with broken movement our specialist Craig will be able to fully restore the clock to its original condition.

We know that our Cardiff locals follow a busy schedule, that’s why we offer a fully customisable service simply call us to book an appointment and we can discuss whether you’d like to visit the workshop or alternatively use our new online booking feature below. Simply fill out the contact form stating whether its a grandfather clock, bracket clock, wall clock or any type of mechanical clock and book a time to visit the workshop. If you’re unable to reach us give us a call and we can get to you.

All of our repairs are done on site at our local repair workshop in Aberdare, not to worry we also have a wide range of spare parts so you can rest assured that we will be able to replace any lost or damaged pieces, preform an in-detail cleaning service, restoration services and the standard routine maintenance services.

workshop with clock repair equiptment

The most commonly services clocks we work on include;

  • Fusee clocks
  • Longcase / Grandfather clocks
  • Carriage clocks
  • Vienna weight driven wall clocks
  • French clocks
  • All other wall or mantel clocks
  • Quartz modern clocks

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How & When To Repair and Restore Antique Clocks

Friction and wear on clocks is extremely common, as with most mechanical devices. The assumption is that if a clock is working, it needs no service is wrong, in fact the way to preserve a lifespan of an antique clock would be to service regularly, which is why we offer a clock oiling and lubrication service to ensure that the metals do not cause any further damage with friction.

We understand that it may seem difficult to tell when a clock needs to be serviced or whether it has just been overwound, but we recommend a service every 4-5 years to ensure that the mechanism of the clock is still intact, and if needed relubrication.

When undertaking a complete overhaul we tend to follow a set procedure that ensures your clock is thoroughly examined for interior and exterior damage, all damaged parts can be replaced and then the timepiece will be reassembled to its original state

Our Process

  1. Dismantling the clock removing all its interior movement mechanisms
  2. All components are cleaned, removing rust, dirt and grease.
  3. A detailed inspection of interior parts that could have caused the build up of damage.
  4. Burnishing the pivots
  5. Checking all the wheels
  6. Reassemble the clock to see that all wheels are able to move correctly.

When conducting a complete clock repair minor or major problems can be detected, there is not always a guarantee that the clock may be restored to its original state. In some cases we can provide replacement parts to allow for the clock to function as before, however this may require extra time to source the parts required.

If you have an inquiry about a particular clock you feel needs cleaning, servicing or a complete overhaul please get in touch today to discuss options .

Clock Repairs Cardiff, Swansea , Bridgend, Newport & the whole of Wales.

If you’re unsure what the issue is with your clock, do not panic, our expert clock repairer Craig will be able to evaluate the clock movement, dial, and spring to assess it’s issues. If it’s a larger clock , for example grandfather clock repair – please get in touch to arrange a time for your antique clock to be collected.