The Best Places To Sell Antique Collectables: How To Sell Your Collectables


We’re constantly experiencing the crazy new things that can be discovered out there. We live in a world that has gone through endless changes, not only through technological advancement but also through various styles of living and evolving aspirations and values. As a result there’s a whole world full of timeless and sometimes priceless antiques.

Whether you’re looking to sell the old collectables and antique pieces of an old relative or are a antique seller yourself, its essential that you sell and source your antiques from reliable sources. In this post we will go through the top 5 places to sell your antique collectables, including consignment shops, direct dealers, newspaper listings, garage sales and auctions.

The Top 5 Places To Sell Antique Collectables

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Buying and selling collectables is a tough world, where one minute you’re in demand and the next you’re out of luck. Below is a list of the top 5 places you can sell your antique collectables that are well respected in the antiques and collectables market, all across the UK.

An increasingly popular way of selling antique collectables is eBay. Selling and buying through the site allows you to find pieces that are out of your local area, meaning you have greater chances of selling your antiques and collectables .,to the right buyer.

You can either sell all your items through the auction process or through the flat rate packaging system. If you choose to sell all your items through the flat rate package system, you will have the choice of selling through the “reduced” or “standard” prices.

Selling Antiques at Consignment Shop

The typical price of antiques at a consignment shop ranges from 10 to 15 percent of the cost of the object. These shops are often family run and provide friendly, affordable prices for all kinds of antiques from valuable relics to everyday household objects. If you want to sell some of the few pieces you have that are not quite valuable, you could even consider a consignment shop.

On the other hand, selling antiques at an antique centre s allows you to get exposure and get a higher price for your antiques and collectables. Antique centres may be your best bet if you want to sell some of your more rare and valuable antiques such as clocks, paintings and figurines. If you have lots of expensive antiques that you do not want to sell, you can opt to sell them at a consignment shop.

Selling Antiques Directly to a Dealer

If you decide to sell directly to a dealer, we would recommend that you aim to sell the antique collectables in the second, third or fourth week of March. March is a very popular time for dealers to be looking to buy.


If you want to sell antiques directly to a dealer, you can take photos of your collectables. Usually you will want to photograph them before you go to the flea market or at least some shots of the full set of antiques.

Many dealers will need lots of different images to choose from. You should create and print the photographs at home in good quality.

Selling Antiques through Newspaper Listings

Newspaper listings are traditionally a quick way to sell antiques and collectables. However, if you are planning on dealing in high volumes, it will be more time efficient to pay a little extra and advertise your selling items through an antique centre or dealer.

When advertising in a newspaper, you need to include a full description of your collectables, which will include age and condition, amount of wear and tear and any other information that you deem relevant. You need to contact all newspapers you intend on advertising in, and get their permissions to publish. You also need to tell them exactly what you intend to sell and who it is for, and any details that may cause concern from the seller’s point of view.

Selling Antiques at Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great way to sell your antiques and collectables in your local area. It’s a great way to build relationships with fellow collectors and antique admirers as well as being able to meet the person you will be selling your item too.

National Garage Sale Day

You may be tempted to sell your antique collectables at a local garage sale, however, this method does have its downfalls. Garage sales are often a less than successful move because of the busy and often unforgiving nature of these events. They are not always attractive events for people to attend and they tend to be places where people look for bargains rather than valuable antiques and collectables.

We would recommend considering the value condition of your items before opting for this method of selling antiques.

Selling Collectables Antiques at an Auction

One of the more popular and reputable ways of selling collectables and antiques is through an auction. In fact, an auction house is one of the best places to sell your antiques, collectables or antique accessories.

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Auction houses sell collections, fine art, and lots of valuable antiques. These auctions are the ideal place for collectables you want to sell that are too big for you to keep or too unique or high value to sell anywhere else.

When you auction it, you’ll get a good price and a quick sale.

The modern day seller has no problems placing their merchandise in a trusted seller, such as the internet. The internet is the prime source of information for everyone, and it has a direct bearing on the online sales. If you are looking for the right method of selling your antiques and collectables we recommend doing some online research to find out where similar items are selling and at what price. Using this method, you can easily gather information on your prospective buyers’ demographics, where they buy, the price, how long a product is going for and so on.

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